sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010

¨Fish eye¨ in Oliana!!

After two months just climbing in Oliana I have climbed my project ¨Fish eye¨ 8c finally! I´m so happy.. my first 8c! It´s a present from Chris because he bolted this amazing route one year before.. nice dude!
I´m very satisfied because when I tried it first time I thought ¨I couldn´t do this route in my life, too long (50 mtrs!), very physical and with a surprise in the slab final..uff I don´t know man..¨ but well, trying and trying I loved the route and just I was psyched to progress and that was fun! thanks to Chris and my friends of course! :-)
Yesterday it was a special day. When I left my house I thought ¨the las year one day like today (feb 26) I did China Crisis 8b+ in Oliana, maybe I´m lucky this day again.. I don´t know, we´ll see..here¨ and we arrived to Oliana the weather was really perfect, sun and fresh wind but I waited for the fresh shade and venga! climbing a muerte! and it´s was very stressful! oh my god! I have fallen two times before in the slab! And It was very nice when I arrived to the slab and Laurent Triay who was filming the send for WORK LESS CLIMB MORE films (because he is making a new fanatic climbing film) helped me to climb easy and chill… and of course thanks to Chris and the team american-finland (Dave, Jonh, Chad and Nalle) because they were really psyched and shouting encouragement the whole time. Nice dudes!
And now more projects, climbing on sight and I want to stay in shape for climbing a muerte the next month in USA… let´s climb!

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  1. wow very well done Daila :) and it's a really great article :) amazing to hear the climbing team spirit there :)

    would you tell us please some news about Chris? is he working on "Chaxiraxi" 9b project?

    wish you all the best:)

  2. wow..beautifull climbing,daila :)
    good luck,venga!
    i'm indra from indonesia

  3. cool Diala...sooo cool!! Stay tuned and allways full throttle!!! :-)

    dear greats

  4. Hello
    I'm Josué DAILA. I live in Burkina.
    Just to contact you. God be with when you Clomb. May His rigth hand protect you.
    Josué DAILA