lunes, 25 de enero de 2010

Good weather = motivation!

The good weather has arrived and the same time the motivation is here too!
Today maybe it's not the best time for to say that because it's raining right now but the last week and the next few days the sun will shine and it's for that we live here because you can climb with perfect weather on all the incredible walls for the majority of the year.
And for to get psyched we were going to one of our favorite place for climbing, Oliana. This place is wonderful and the lines are five stars of course! and now also Oliana has a new line of 50 meters bolted by Chris the last week... the name is Chaxiraxi and it can be one of the hardest route in the sector... 9b?? We will see that the machine says.. If it's like this Chris has bolted four 9b routes in Catalunya: "Golpe de Estado" 9b in Siurana, "Neanderthal" 9b in Santa Linya, "First round First minute" 9b proyect in Margalef and "Chaxiraxi" 9b proyect in Oliana. And with this line Chris has bolted in Oliana 10 routes. Looks like Chris doesn't want just to send the hard routes, he want to create it too. Good job peque!
And since my project "Digital System" in Santa Linya is wet I already have new hard projects in Oliana (like Fish eye in the Maria Torre´s photo).

And the last week we have had the visit like every winter of our fanatics friends from Germany Marcus Bock and Manu (our particular cookers hehe). They arrived motivated for climbing in Margalef but all routes were wet there and then they went to Oliana and Santa Linya with us and they could find some dry routes with 15 just meters or less :-)
And Congratulation for Iker Pou for his recently rotpunk "Demencia Senil" 9a+. Nice job dude!

martes, 12 de enero de 2010

and what now?

What happen with the weather now?
The weather is getting crazy in Spain right now. It is raining and snowing for everywhere...
Climbing with cold weather is really hard and climbing with wet rock is a piece of shit.. but climbing with temperatures below zero and totally wet rock at the same time that is the worst of the worst! That means that we have to find the climbing gym keys wherever it is and to start training a little bit because our fitness is going to holidays! uff that sounds hard! It's just motivation!! venga! a muerte! hehe

see you! :-)