domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

US trip

Going back home! Wherever no… Spain! :-)

I like traveling. I like to know new places and come back to some places that I know. I like to visit people that I haven´t seen for a long time… practicing my sad english (this time I have practiced nothing!) and enjoy watching the really huge and beautiful landscapes that this country has...that is great. But really one of my favorite partsof travelling is coming back home... home sweet home! ;-) 

We have enjoyed climbing some days in Santa Cruz, Bishop and Owens River, in the last one I felt like in home (Canary Island) with its unique volcanic rock… and more because we climbed with our really tan friend Lisa and that looks like I was climbing with my home´s friends Mapi or Angy in some place in Canarias.. that was nice and a little bit nostalgic.. But definitely I want to go back to this place (Owens Rivers). It´s really nice ;-) Not to mention that Chris sent one of his projects in Bishop ¨Spectre¨ 8B and also the same day he sent ¨Harun sea of stories¨ 8A+.. and "for training" like he says, he repeated "Mandala"... good no? hehe

And well, we had couple very sweet days with the Puvel´s family (Andy, Lisa, Granit, Casius and Marcus). Before we came back to home in Santa Cruz, first we visited Los Angeles (oh yeahhhh) where two of our sponsors are (SANUK and EVOLV ) that means that we will back to Spain with the suitcase full!! ;-) I like that! hehe

Now my trip is finished and I´m going to Spain if the ash from Iceland lets me go!

ayayai…I am psyched to see Chaxi... we´ll see…

Venga a muerte!!