miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

just hanging out...

After some days in the canary paradise with the family and friends from there we come back home to try to finish what I started.. but no luck..
My endless story with "Gran Blau", my last project in Oliana, has been a little bit frustrating.. I had never been so close and so far of the chain in the same time!!.. but you know, this new experience is teaching me something good for sure ;-) 
I hope so!! hehe... and If I look at the positive side I keep having a really nice project almost in my pocket..! ;-) that sounds very good..
Putting aside Oliana and the projects (just for one week!) we have come to visit the winter Outdoor tradeshow in Salt lake City (Utah) with our good friend Finuco from Trangoworld and we have had the pleasure to see friends that we don't see very often.. the people from Evolv, Sanuk, Prana, Entreprises, Sterling ropes, Petzl, etc.. and many others :-) It was fun..
After the OR event in Salt Lake we have been in Santa Cruz to see family and friends and we met "the little" Emilio Puvhel Garcia!! and I say little because he was born just one month ago and he is really cute :-) Congrats Nancy and Marcus! 
And after this short visit in Santa Cruz we'll go to Los Angeles to work with the Evolv people.. they are making new amazing shoes!! 

what a beautiful family :-)