lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Cover in the ESCALAR magazine

Beautiful photo of the french Sam Bie in the cover of the last magazine Escalar! Nice! ;-)
And we want to go back to our climbing routine in Spain and to try our new projects there.. but for the moment we are in New Paltz, near the big city of New York, where the last night Chris made slideshow in the climbing shop Rock and Snow, that was cool.. and of course, we are visiting the Lowell family: Kate, Grey, Cedar and Brett.. the landscape are really beautiful here, wood houses and colorful forests...

sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

From Margalef to US

Photo: Victor Montilla

Now we can say ¨hasta la proxima¨ to the summertime and we be psyched for the autumn season, the best one for climbing!

And the autumn arrived and we are leaving to US for 12 days.. First we are going to ¨Noreaster¨ in Rumney for some days. then we´ll go to New York where Chris will do a slideshow and after we will be in Boulder, Colorado.

It´s not a long trip and for sure we wont forget our new proyects in Margalef.. uff so hard!

Also, in the last days we have climbed other routes here. I was happy after climb ¨Hard Crit¨ 8a+ really fanatic route in Margalef. Andrada sent one spectacular 50 meter route ¨Politicamente Corruptos¨ 8c+/9a that he bolted the last weeks and Chris did the same with¨Coma Sanpere¨ 8c+ bolted by Dani too.

Now, we have to wait for the really good conditions and climbing a muerte of course! ;-)

sábado, 4 de septiembre de 2010

Tres Ponts!!

Nice photos of Pete O'donovan

September is here! ...that means autumn is finally near and that sound really good.
We'll be able to climb in our favorite places very soon like St. linya, Margalef, Oliana..
In the moment we are climbing in another espectacular spot called Tres Ponts and this week I was able to climb an incredible route there, "Aonvolsna" 8b. Nice!
Now we 're talking :-) a muerte!

viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010


Here some photos from Norway...
Last weekend we participated in Rock Master in Norway and this event wasn't like I expected. It was presented like a climbing meeting and finally it was a real competition.. with insolation zone, judges and we had to climb new granite routes that were totally dirty onsight! it was crazy because almost everybody broke some holds on the routes.. well, it was really fun with my friends from Spain... really really fun.. thanks dudes! ;-)

Venga! Now I want to climb a muerte in our nice rock in Spain! hehe