lunes, 18 de junio de 2012


Super psyched! Last week I could send the aesthetic line ¨Humildes pa casa¨ 8b+ in Oliana!!
I´m really happy to climb this route because it´s a very classic route on this wall and one of the first routes bolted in Oliana by our friend Oscar Jiménez.. It´s such a perfect line..
This summer we have to try to keep climbing a muerte even though the weather is getting hot!!
Vamos!! hehe..

Also my friend Maja from Gran Canaria climbed ¨Vitamina Potencia¨ her first 8a+ in La Candelilla!! One really cool climbing spot in the north of the island ;-) Good job dude! Awesome!

martes, 12 de junio de 2012


This summer we will not bored!
In France..

And in Spain..
Enjoy it!! ;-)