martes, 27 de marzo de 2012

martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Gran Blau in Oliana!!

Employee of the day n#1
Employee of the day n#2 Photo: Rainer Eder :-)
Last days in Oliana!!
Yesterday was a really nice day in our favorite climbing place Oliana, after some hot days (totally unusual for this time of the year) the weather is getting cold and the climbing conditions are really good again... fresh, good routes, nice company and to be motivated is a perfect combination to have a great climbing day.. and one more time the girls of the team have been the employees of the day!! hihihi.. who is your dady??! eh? ;-) 
Colette sent really fast  her second 8a+ ¨Mon Dieu¨, a really beautifull route bolted by our friend Victor Fernandez.. muy bien rubia!! and finally I was able to get to the anchor of one of my favorite routes in Oliana, Gran Blau 8b+/c iiuuuujjuuuuu!!! This route was bolted by Carles Brascó some years ago and it´s  such an  aesthetic line.. thanks bicho! 
Well now keep going climbing, having fun and respect the enviroment please! :-)