viernes, 25 de diciembre de 2009

Merry Christmas from Canary Island!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2010!!
Good energy and many redpoints for everybody!
Climbing a muerte always! :-)

viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2009

Neanderthal 9b for Chris in Santa Linya!!

Today it was a beautiful sunny day of winter in one of our favorite crag in Catalunya, Santa Linya. It's was really cold too and that means perfect conditions for climbing!

And some days before Chris fell in the last move in his project in Santa Linya and after one rest day he arrived to the anchor to the hardest route in the cave Neanderthal 9b

He climbed really solid and very psyched with everybody cheering down below venga bicho!! nice Chris!

the good thing is Brett Lowell captured everything on tape and you be able to see some nice footage very soon on (good job guys!)

And it's was crazy because he was waiting for his other project in Margalef to dry and he went to the cave just for fun and belay me… then he has to go to Margalef and finish his work with First round first minute 9b?? before 2010… that sound really good man!

we'll see next few days!

jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2009

Winter is here!!

David Gambus in Santa Leña 8c/+
Psyched with Digital System 8c

With my baby Chaxiraxi. Photos Brett Lowell

After some hot months the winter is here finally!

The weather is really cold now and at our house it's snowing early in the morning something we don't see very often here.. that's beautiful... but it's hard to be motivated, I'm from Canary Island! hehe... Regardless of the cold we are psyched in The Santa Linya Cave where we share a good fire with other people from everywhere (Japan, Argentina, England, USA...) it's good thing for practicing my poor english! ay mi madre!

Also I am really motivated with my project (Digital System 8c) and each try I feel better doing the moves.. I hope it won't rain the next weeks.

And the next week I'm going to Canary some days for Christmas I'm psyched to see the family, friends and to be a little in the beach but I'll comeback very soon because this time I don't want to lose the good feeling with the route..

We'll see what happen! :-)

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Petzl in Siurana y new redpoints!!

The last week was the PETZL team meeting in Siurana! It was very fun climbing the really nice routes of Siurana and Margalef with people from everywhere... The next year this event should repeat! It was very interested...

Now we are so motivated and we are climbing a lot in our favorite cave
Sta linya! that is great! oh my god! Chris doesn't loose his time and hi sent the proyect "Sistema Analogico" hard 9a, nice dude! Now that the house is almost finished and warm for the winter I am very focused on climbing and the last day I sent Deja vu 7c+ onsight! my first anchor after some months! nice.. I'm very happy and motivated a muerte! hehehe

martes, 28 de julio de 2009

Yo Basecamp! Bishop

And now, after tradeshow, we are in Bishop enjoying of one week with the Yo! Basecamp climbing in Happy boulders and Buttermilk with some kids from some place of US, Kansas, San Diego, Sta. Cruz, Virginia, New York... that's nice! they are so motivated... but where are the girls?! C'mon... yesterday they climbed in the night, that was great! very nice.. Today they will see the Chris Sharma's slideshow... It will be fun ;-)

jueves, 23 de julio de 2009

Outdoor Fredrischafen and Salt Lake City

The last days we have been in the Outdoor tradeshow in Fredrischafen (Germany) and It was nice to be in the booths of Desnivel with Dario RodriguezEVOLV and the really nice new models of climbing shoes, Chillaz (the new clothes looks beautifull!) and Petzl, free beer!! hehe and It was very fun because also many other friends were there like Jordi Salas "Pelon" and Jordi who are distributing Evolv in Spain now! nice that is great! Finuco with Trangoworld and his Michael Jackson dance moves, the people of FIXE and Top30... and we had a really nice saturday party with that spanish team.. It was good! 
And now we are in the Salt Lake City tradeshow in Utah... I have jet lag a muerte but I'm trying my poor english and I think It's getting better! Well I don't really know ;-)
There are more climbers participating in this event, Lisa Rands, Tiffany Hensley, Daniel Wood, Paul Robinson, Jacinda Hunter, Chris Sharma, Joe Kinder, Collete Mclnerney and many other. Also Josh Lowell from Big Up Producctions are here too and the last night we watched some clips of the new climbing film "Progression" (Tommy Cadwell in El Capitan, Adam Ondra in Spain, Chris Sharma and his hard projects... I wanted to see more but just I have to wait until the this autumn... nice! 
So now we are going to YO Base Camp in Bishop with Andy Puhvel and Lisa Coleman and after some weeks in Sta Cruz CA, that sound really good! ;-)
Have fun!

jueves, 11 de junio de 2009

"De picos pardos" in Oliana

We keep going back to Oliana because the weather isn't so bad.. We have to send our projects before of the summer! And today I finished my project "De picos Pardos" 8b/+ (this route is well known as Carles's project too) bolted by Carles Brasco. Nice route dude! And I felt fear because one bolt hanger wasn't in the wall because the strong wind the last night! oh man... finally I kept climbing without looking at the last quickdraw and I sent it! yeah! ;-) Chris also bolted a new route between "Paper mollat" and "Blanquita" maybe a new ninth... so he has project again.. nice! A muerte always! 

miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

More Oliana...

The last days the weather was very good in
Oliana.. Now thhe condition is perfect like in winter... it's perfect for redpoints! Although for me I don't know because I fell in the last quickdraw of my project! nooo.. one foot broke! ok the next day I'll kill it ;-) Chris is always motivated and he redpointed for everybody (he's good friend..he he) He doesn't want to leave projects for the next winter and he sent his big proyect "Pachamama" 9a+ hard F.A.! This 50 metres routes was bolted by Chris and It's a really nice and athletic route! nice dude! also he has done the F.A of two more new route in Oliana "" 8c+ bolted by himself and "Blanquita" 8c+ bolted by the master Dani Andrada. Good job Chris! ;-) David Gambus took advantage of the good condition and he sent "Fish eye" espectacular 8c bolted by Chris too. Arriba la casa! 

domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

"ILERBLOC 2009" I Open International Bouldering-Lleida

The last saturday was in Lleida the Ist Open International Bouldering "ILERBLOC 2009" .Thanks to the organizer Victor Fernandez!  Dani Andrada, Iker y Eneko Pou, Jordi Salas "Pelon", Pete O'donovan, Chris Sharma, David Gambus, Maria Torres, Citro, Sara Aicart, Edu Marin, Ramonet, Berta Martin and many others participed in this event and It's was really fun! ;-) Nice problems and really fanatic ambient were the principal ingredients of last night... Finally the clasification was like this.
Girls:  - 1 Berta Martin and me ;-)
          - 3 Sara Aicart

men:    -1 Chris  Sharma
           -2 Dani Andrada 
           -3 Edu Marin

The competition finished at 4.30 a.m! our favorite speaker Andoni Perez kept everyone motivated till the end! nice dude! The next year more for sure!! 
You can know more in DESNIVEL.COM

miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

Come back home! ;-)

We made it back home and we are recovering our "chill and normal life" our friend Corey says: "now we'll need holidays to rest from these holidays" because this last parte of the travel has been a little bit stressful. It's true that Yangshuo is a really beautiful place but It's a very famous place in China for tourism too so if you want to enjoy of silence and peacefulness of the nature it's not a best place... It's China!! ;-) Besides that we have enjoyed high quality climbing and the very good people (american team, fanatic chinese climbers and the spanish team Andrea y Carlos).. We felt at home in the Rock'n Grill hotel and the beers in China Climb really good! Also Mike Call and Boone Speed were with us in this chinese adventure to film and to take really nice photos. You can see it in his website  and ;-)

jueves, 16 de abril de 2009

"Lightning" 8b+ and more...

                  "Lightning" 8b+.Photos: Mike Call ;-)

Yesterday I redpointed one really nice route in Yangshuo, "Lightning" 8b+! I'm very happy because I was thinking that with this condition it wasn't possible... nice! Also you can see some nice footage on from Mike Call... thanks dude! Furthermore, Chris bolted a new project in Lei Pi Shan "Angry Chimp" ?? nice work! now he has something to do because his project in White Mountain is totally wet! and Corey has to do his project too! C'mon guys!

jueves, 9 de abril de 2009

Asian Tour: China

                 Climbing in Moon Hill. Photo: Mike Call

We went to the famous arch "Moon Hill" the last few days and this place is really beautiful! You can see all green mountains, the villages and hot air baloons... it's a special place. Also you can climb some really nice routes right here.. yeah! I have a proyect! we'll see the next raining days... 
Chris has a nice proyect too, the last day he bolted some hard proyects: "Spicy noodle"8c that he did yesterday and "Pump Dumpling" 9a+ hehe nice dude!! Also the last day he did the hardest route here "American Gangster" 8c without the chipped hold that the french climber Mikel Fuselier did, so the route has a new system now and new name too because the locals want to change it and call it: "French Gangster" (I thinks the locals aren't very happy with the chipped hold...)

martes, 31 de marzo de 2009

Asian Tour: Korea

ok! the last days in Korea were intense but really fun too.. We climbed in one nice spot in the south where we could enjoy ;-) here are some photos from the photographer Lea Kang to remember! Now we are going to China for climbing a muerte! hehe

miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2009

going to Korea...

After some nice days in Japan we are going to Korea! and after climbing in China! It was fun doing buldering with Dai and Yuji... and Thanks to Kioshi and Omits for evrything! ;-)
have fun! and climbing a muerte!

lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

Asian Tour: Japan

We are in Japan! We have visited Tokio the last two days and we have seen the fanatic climbers from here in their fantastic climbing gym! We are accompanied with the famous climber from Japon Yuji Hirayama and Dai Koyamada. Also we are visited the old capital Kamakura, where there are many Buddhist temples. The next two days we are going buldering with Dai and Yuji! nice dude! ;-)

martes, 17 de marzo de 2009


                                    fotos Brett Lowell
Everything is ready for the travel.
We are going to Asia (Japan, Korea and China) with a EVOLV promotional tour. I'm ready to go because I did my last project "Humildes pa'riba" a incredible 8a+ of 50 mtrs that Chris bolted some days before. Nice work!
Now we have two more days and we'll see if Chris can do his project in Margalef! I hope he'll do it!  a muerte! ;-)

lunes, 9 de marzo de 2009

Big UP Productions in Catalunya...

First was the cold, the rain, the wind, after we had some weeks of perfect weather and now it's hot! the spring is coming early...
Our friends from USA, Josh and Brett Lowell and Cooper, are visiting in Catalunya to enjoy this nice sun. They are making a new film that it will be the same or better than the ones before (King Lines, Dosage...). In the photos you can see where we have filmed the last few days: Chris is in his project "First round first minute" 9?? in Laboratory, Margalef and me in "China Crisis" 8b+ FA in Oliana. It'll be a really nice film for sure!! ;-) 
If you want to know something more about that you can enter in