domingo, 22 de julio de 2012

Hanging out...

First stop in Millau (France) Where we enjoyed of the 10º Aniversary of the Petzl Roctrip (Natural Games!) with friends from everywhere! T
hanks for the invitation ;-)

Swimming in Gorges du Tarn and Celebration of the Football Europe Cup under the rain in Gap! hehe..
Climbing in paradise.. Ceüse!
Here Chris really happy climbing in one of his favorites places!! ;-)
...bolting his new project in Face de Rat wall.. nice job Chris!!
Climbing the route Face de Rat... maybe the best 8a+ that I climbed in my life..
so sweet! thanks for the photos Lafouche! ;-)

 After climbing... resting...
Good bye Ceüse!! Driving to the Outdoor in Fredischafen to meet our friends from Petzl, Evolv, Sterling ropes, Gargola, Trangoworld, Walltopia, Charko, Grimper.. and of course with the nice people from Desnivel: Dario , Ana and Eva!! ;-)