jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2009

Winter is here!!

David Gambus in Santa Leña 8c/+
Psyched with Digital System 8c

With my baby Chaxiraxi. Photos Brett Lowell

After some hot months the winter is here finally!

The weather is really cold now and at our house it's snowing early in the morning something we don't see very often here.. that's beautiful... but it's hard to be motivated, I'm from Canary Island! hehe... Regardless of the cold we are psyched in The Santa Linya Cave where we share a good fire with other people from everywhere (Japan, Argentina, England, USA...) it's good thing for practicing my poor english! ay mi madre!

Also I am really motivated with my project (Digital System 8c) and each try I feel better doing the moves.. I hope it won't rain the next weeks.

And the next week I'm going to Canary some days for Christmas I'm psyched to see the family, friends and to be a little in the beach but I'll comeback very soon because this time I don't want to lose the good feeling with the route..

We'll see what happen! :-)

2 comentarios:

  1. In Romania the winter really set in. It snows a lot and it's really cold... I'll only go out for mountaineering now, the climbing will be in the gym.
    Enjoy the beach for us too and good luck on your Digital System!

  2. daila, gracias para la hospitalidad!!!

    hecho mucho frio alli, si? espero que no hace demasiado frio en tu casa y tendras una estufa de eletricidad...y cuando encontraramos, espero que puedo decir hola mas facilemente en espanol, haha ;P practicare!!

    buena suerte y A MuErTe!!! :D :D :D :D