miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010

URGENT! my e-mail address has been stolen!

hello everybody!

Please don't send me e-mails to my address: dailaojeda@yahoo.es bescause somebody has stolen my address account.
And if you received some strange mail from this account it's not me!! for sure!!

Joder! Venga!

2 comentarios:

  1. did you get in contact with yahoo already?
    see: https://edit.europe.yahoo.com/forgotroot

    and don't use the name of your boyfriend as password the next time. (just a guess ;)

    good luck & best wishes,

  2. Hi, I work in IT.
    Some thoughts for passwords.
    The way most accounts are stolen is over a long period of time all possible options are tried to log in... ie. a, b, c... aa, bb, cc... Also dictionary words are tried id. password, friend, cat, names etc.

    So to protect yourself change your password from time to time and make it a little harder to guess. Longer + some special characters like numbers or symbols!