domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

Come back home-Santa Cruz

nice photos of Boone Speed

After some nice days in the small city of Bend (Oregon), near the mitic climbing place Smith Rock, we have come back to our home in California, Santa Cruz.
It was really good to know that place, the landscape is amazing and the climbing style is very particular there.. it's something like Siurana style but a little more extrem! hehe.. the warm up was a fight! uff.. but it was really nice to try some routes there.
And it was really psyched to see the monkey face where is the legendary route "Just do it", first 8c+ in USA redpointed by JB Tribout in 1992. It's a such a beautiful route.. if this route was in Oliana I would be psyched to try it a muerte!! :-)
venga bichos!!

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