jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

Back home from the Petzl Roctrip in China!

We are back in home!!
It was a really long trip even though it was just ten days in China.. It has been a new experience for me. I was in China one time before (Yangshuo) but it was totally different experience.. Getu Valley is a humble and chill small town very different to the tourists streets in Yangshuo.. the time goes slowly there.. and specially without coffee.. The food is very good, spicy and always with a healthy ginger touch.. the worst part it was the breakfast noodles... and the persistent humidity!! (you can imagine my hair! hehe..) But we forget the comfort that we are used to in our homes and we enjoyed the fun time with our friends who traveled to Getu Valley for sharing the Petzl Roctrip!! 

There were people from many different places: New Zeland, Australia, Spain, Argentina, USA, Iran, France, Turkey...  There is a lot of climbing potential.. It´s a climbing paradise! I hope all the work from the bolters and the Petzl organizers bear fruits in the future.. they deserve it! Thanks Erwan for this new experience! :-) 
Congrats to Dani who sent ¨Corazon de ensueño¨ his amazing project in the Big Arch! It was really nice to watch him climbing down below.. he looked mini in this huge cave.. 

Really nice stories and amazing photos in our friends blogs ColetteAndrew Bisharat, Joe Kinder...! from there you will find more friend's blogs and you will enjoy many different stories and beautiful photos of the Petzl Roctrip!

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