viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Mind Control!!!! :-)

Photos Keith Ladzinski
I´m sooo happy!!
Yesterday I was able to send my project ¨Mind Control¨ in Oliana!!! iiiuuuujuuuuuu
It was really nice to clip the chains and remember what it´s like to redpoint :-) it´s so good!! hehe..
Also my friend Joe K. did the route so it was a good day for the Era Vella Team!!! good job dude!
Thanks to everybody that was there because it was a really fanatic moment, and specially to my friend Cristian, our talisman hehe.. He also belayed Chris when he sent Firs Round First Minute! He has a lot of good energy and you can feel that when you climb :-) I like that! hehe.. And congrats to him too because he climbed his project ¨Anakista 8a+/b¨ in Bruixes, the last week!! nice man! Also thanks to the Lowell brothers (Big UP) that were filming the last tries and the give me a lot of motivation!!
and of course to Chris because he bolted this amazing line and many others in this area! :-)
Vamoooooossss!! So psyched!!!

10 comentarios:

  1. Congratulations! That is a super badass looking line and redpointing is always the greatest feeling! You guys never cease to inspire.

  2. Felicitaciones Daila...ejemplo de motivacion y constancia, todo el trabajo y espera se ve recompensado al llegar a la cadena....ahora que venga el 9a

  3. Congrats Daila! Such an inspiration.

  4. congrats! on your success! and all the best for the future!

  5. Congratulations Daila ! Hello to Chris, Joey and Colette !

  6. Felicitaciones Daila, que bueno ver que el esfuerzo se vea recompensado de esta manera. Mis mejores deseos para los proyectos que vienen en camino.

    Mil gracias por ser una fuente de inspiración para todos nosotros.