miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2008

And Chris Sharma sent it..

Today the sun was shining in
Siurana, so we were motivated to try some of the spectacular routes that you can find in this paradise of rock.
And Chris sent it.....  While warming up he was feeling a little sick and his first try wasn't like other days.  he was more tired... maybe soft..
But the people that know him, know that Chris is capable of doing whatever. And thats how it went. In his second try in this day he sent his new proyect in Siurana "Golpe de Estado" ? he is still thinking about the grade..hehe..
Nice Crispi! 

5 comentarios:

  1. Awesome,
    Thanks for the blog in english daila,
    and good to see you can still have some beer at your level=D

  2. Awesome job Chris on the Golpe de Estado send!

    thank you Daila for the blog. I'm very stoked to see what it will become!

  3. Thanks for the English news from Spain, Daila!

  4. Fantastico blog! Es genial ver a tantos escaladores de vuestra calidad tan cerca de casa! (soy de Barcelona). Habra que ir a visitaros!