viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009

9a+ FA for Chris Sharma

The condition for climbing is perfect now!  We have been taking advantage of the great weather these days... and today in Margalef Chris did the first ascent of "Demencia Senil" 9a+. One incredible overhang in the Laboratory. Really nice photo from the catalan-english Pete O'donovan.
Nice dude! ;-)

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  1. Great achievement Chris & super cool blog Daila! please give Dani a big poke that he also writes his blog in English :D

    Cheers, flo

  2. Looks incredible! How is your climbing going?? Thanks for the updates, Daila!

  3. Thank you Daila and Chris...and congratulations.

    News report up at and Pete kindly let us use the photo.

    All the very best,

    (in Spain)

  4. Wouah the mono!
    Great photo!
    I hope my finger will recover faslty as I will visit Margalef next week (but I'll need at least 2 finger pockets...).
    Go on!

  5. Hola :D
    it is cool blog :D . Your are my favourite climbers. I have too website or language is Slovakia :)

  6. Hola (continue :D ) Chris is number 1 :) My website: :)

  7. hola, muchas gracias por las fotos.
    acabo de comprar king lines, hace 2 semanas que empeze hacer boulder y necesito toda la ayuda que puedo conseguir.

    tambien estas como un queso daila, y nos gusta el blog por eso tambien. :) ajem perdon...