martes, 3 de febrero de 2009

First 8c for the young David Firnenburg

After many days of intense rain and cold in Catalunya, the weather gave us a break. Today it was a really nice day... sunny, fresh air... and motivation of course!
In Margalef (Cova boix) the young climber David Firnenburg redpointed L'espiedimonis his first 8c with just 13 years old! nice dude! you are really motivated!

Congratulations David!! ;-)  

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  1. Congratulations David!! You have just 13 years old, its crazy!

    Daila i´m a big fan of you and Sharma, i think you are the best climbers, you are always smiling, its beautiful, be strong it´s not everything, and you transmit many more.

    I don´t know if you remember, but last year en Rodellar you write a little ticket for a Portuguese boy, i´m a friend of him, and we have a blog, if you have sometime, we would love if you visit our blog: here it is the link htt://

    A big HUG,