miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

More Oliana...

The last days the weather was very good in
Oliana.. Now thhe condition is perfect like in winter... it's perfect for redpoints! Although for me I don't know because I fell in the last quickdraw of my project! nooo.. one foot broke! ok the next day I'll kill it ;-) Chris is always motivated and he redpointed for everybody (he's good friend..he he) He doesn't want to leave projects for the next winter and he sent his big proyect "Pachamama" 9a+ hard F.A.! This 50 metres routes was bolted by Chris and It's a really nice and athletic route! nice dude! also he has done the F.A of two more new route in Oliana "" 8c+ bolted by himself and "Blanquita" 8c+ bolted by the master Dani Andrada. Good job Chris! ;-) David Gambus took advantage of the good condition and he sent "Fish eye" espectacular 8c bolted by Chris too. Arriba la casa! 

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  1. hey daila, i'm here to congratulate your life style and your conquists! I'm pretty sure that you dont know me...i'm André braga, from brazil... i'm a 16 years old climber and i just want to tell you that you and chris sharma are the biggests source of inspiration when i climb. I just started one and a half year ago, but i'm very sure that this is the sport of my life.
    Hey, another thing... I want to invite you and chris to come over to brazil to climb here! I know that is far away, but, i'm sure that you are going to love this place! Cedar Wright, from the sender films, came a few months ago and really enjoy!
    And...it would be a good thing to develop the sport here! Ask Dani Andrada how is here...i'm sure you are going to like it!