jueves, 11 de junio de 2009

"De picos pardos" in Oliana

We keep going back to Oliana because the weather isn't so bad.. We have to send our projects before of the summer! And today I finished my project "De picos Pardos" 8b/+ (this route is well known as Carles's project too) bolted by Carles Brasco. Nice route dude! And I felt fear because one bolt hanger wasn't in the wall because the strong wind the last night! oh man... finally I kept climbing without looking at the last quickdraw and I sent it! yeah! ;-) Chris also bolted a new route between "Paper mollat" and "Blanquita" maybe a new ninth... so he has project again.. nice! A muerte always! 

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  1. hola guapa, que encanto las fotos...muchas ganas de conocer catalunya...

    just wanted to say that i came accross some travel dictionary of chris that he wrote during a europe trip a few years back...some of the things he said i thought are very true and reminded me of trip to a monastery in thailand...and then climbing afterwards...i was going to send him a link of a place he should check out if he's ever in the region, but couldn't find an email or blog of his...so maybe you can forward this:


    the best trip ever and a great place to relax and meditate. if not the best place.

    uh, and in case you haven't checked it out yet, you guys should spend a weekend in santa gadea and have some fun bouldering. my friends pablo and javi with their group of friends developed the place over the last years..and it's great bouldering. if you care for a guide you should contact them. http://www.envertical.com/perfiles/

    pues nada, saludos a catalunya desde duesseldorf, echando de menos mucho espana...algun dia habra que vivir alla. teneis roca, roca, roca...y tanto mas.