jueves, 23 de julio de 2009

Outdoor Fredrischafen and Salt Lake City

The last days we have been in the Outdoor tradeshow in Fredrischafen (Germany) and It was nice to be in the booths of Desnivel with Dario RodriguezEVOLV and the really nice new models of climbing shoes, Chillaz (the new clothes looks beautifull!) and Petzl, free beer!! hehe and It was very fun because also many other friends were there like Jordi Salas "Pelon" and Jordi who are distributing Evolv in Spain now! nice that is great! Finuco with Trangoworld and his Michael Jackson dance moves, the people of FIXE and Top30... and we had a really nice saturday party with that spanish team.. It was good! 
And now we are in the Salt Lake City tradeshow in Utah... I have jet lag a muerte but I'm trying my poor english and I think It's getting better! Well I don't really know ;-)
There are more climbers participating in this event, Lisa Rands, Tiffany Hensley, Daniel Wood, Paul Robinson, Jacinda Hunter, Chris Sharma, Joe Kinder, Collete Mclnerney and many other. Also Josh Lowell from Big Up Producctions are here too and the last night we watched some clips of the new climbing film "Progression" (Tommy Cadwell in El Capitan, Adam Ondra in Spain, Chris Sharma and his hard projects... I wanted to see more but just I have to wait until the this autumn... nice! 
So now we are going to YO Base Camp in Bishop with Andy Puhvel and Lisa Coleman and after some weeks in Sta Cruz CA, that sound really good! ;-)
Have fun!

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  1. Daila! You're English is muy impresionante, far better than my Spanish, or my Arabic after studying for some time, no te preocupes! I hope you have fun and show some of the American women how people do it in Europe. ¡A muerte!

  2. Hola chica, tu me pareces muy feliz. (tu viste todos los perritos al evento??)

  3. Dear Daila, dear Chris, if I would have known that you and Chris are in Friedrichshafen I would have been there, because it's not far away from my homebase, really sad :-(. But maybe some other time...in two weeks I'm heading with Toni Lamprecht and friends to the Verdon Canyon in South France and to Lake Garda in Italy. I'm very excited because it's my first time in the verdon canyon. Take care you both, Michael

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  5. Keep up the good work Daila! ¡Tu inglés esta excelente y tu eres una persona muy inspirado para todos!