jueves, 9 de abril de 2009

Asian Tour: China

                 Climbing in Moon Hill. Photo: Mike Call

We went to the famous arch "Moon Hill" the last few days and this place is really beautiful! You can see all green mountains, the villages and hot air baloons... it's a special place. Also you can climb some really nice routes right here.. yeah! I have a proyect! we'll see the next raining days... 
Chris has a nice proyect too, the last day he bolted some hard proyects: "Spicy noodle"8c that he did yesterday and "Pump Dumpling" 9a+ hehe nice dude!! Also the last day he did the hardest route here "American Gangster" 8c without the chipped hold that the french climber Mikel Fuselier did, so the route has a new system now and new name too because the locals want to change it and call it: "French Gangster" (I thinks the locals aren't very happy with the chipped hold...)

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  1. Hello!

    your blog is feel good


  2. Si Se Puede! Thanks for all the updates Daila. I wish you both all the best!

  3. Did you or Chris happen to get on The Sea of Tranquility route at Moon Hill? Good?

  4. Como es el clima? Es frio in the States. Gracias por las noticias!