jueves, 16 de abril de 2009

"Lightning" 8b+ and more...

                  "Lightning" 8b+.Photos: Mike Call ;-)

Yesterday I redpointed one really nice route in Yangshuo, "Lightning" 8b+! I'm very happy because I was thinking that with this condition it wasn't possible... nice! Also you can see some nice footage on momentumvm.com from Mike Call... thanks dude! Furthermore, Chris bolted a new project in Lei Pi Shan "Angry Chimp" ?? nice work! now he has something to do because his project in White Mountain is totally wet! and Corey has to do his project too! C'mon guys!

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  1. Hola guapa! Estoy viajando en catalunya durante el mes de enero 2010. Me encantaria sacar fotos de ti si estas . . . puedes mirar mis fotos: www.nasif.com, www.marianasif.com. He publicado algunos en R&I y Climbing tambien. Seguilo con pasion! blessings,