miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

Come back home! ;-)

We made it back home and we are recovering our "chill and normal life"...like our friend Corey says: "now we'll need holidays to rest from these holidays" because this last parte of the travel has been a little bit stressful. It's true that Yangshuo is a really beautiful place but It's a very famous place in China for tourism too so if you want to enjoy of silence and peacefulness of the nature it's not a best place... It's China!! ;-) Besides that we have enjoyed high quality climbing and the very good people (american team, fanatic chinese climbers and the spanish team Andrea y Carlos).. We felt at home in the Rock'n Grill hotel and the beers in China Climb really good! Also Mike Call and Boone Speed were with us in this chinese adventure to film and to take really nice photos. You can see it in his website momentumvm.com  and Boonespeed.com ;-)

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  1. Hola desde el oeste. Descanso despues del trabajo es bueno. Tome el cuidado!